Reactivity of highly excited and highly charged molecules
24-27 Feb 2014 Port-en-Bessin-Huppain (France)

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P.01 Structure, Geometry and Fragmentation of CnHmq+ Clusters (n=1-5; m=1-2; q=0-3) J.P. Sánchez, N. Aguirre, S. Díaz-Tendero, M. Alcamí, F. Martín
P.02 M3C: A software package designed to describe statistical fragmentation of molecular clusters N. F. Aguirre, S. Díaz-Tendero, P-A. Hervieux, M. Alcamí, F. Martín
P.03 Dissociation dynamics of PAHs triggered by energetic photons and keV ions G. Reitsma, L.Boschman, M.J. Deuzeman, H. Zettergren, S. Cazaux, R. Hoekstra, T. Schlathölter
P.04 Nonadiabatic QM/MM dynamics: Technical details J. Novak, M. Mališ, N. Došlić
P.05 Doubly charged metal ions reactivity with peptide functions. An ab initio molecular dynamics perspective M.Yáñez, A. Martín-Sómer, A. Cimas, R. Spezia, M.P. Gaigeot
P.06 Formation dynamics of fullerene dimers C118+, C119+ and C120+ by molecular collisions Y. Wang, H. Zettergren, P. Rousseau, T. Chen, M. Gatchell, M.H. Stockett, J. Rangama, J-Y. Chesnel, M. Capron, J-C. Poully, A. Domaracka, A. Méry, S. Maclot, L. Adoui, A. G. G. M. Tielens, B. A. Huber, H. Cederquist, M. Alcamí, F. Martín
P.07 Prompt and delayed fragmentation of 5-bromouracil cations ionised by multiply charged ions R. Delaunay, J.-P. Champeaux, S. Maclot, M. Capron, A. Domaracka, A. Méry, B. Manil, L. Adoui, P. Rousseau, P. Moretto-Capelle, B.A. Huber
P.08 Molecular calculations of electron transfer induced by collision of C2+ ions with tetrahydrofuran E.Erdmann, M.Łabuda
P.09 Irradiation of Free and Solvated Biomolecules and Clusters: development of the PIBALE experimental set-up L. Schwob, V. Vizcaino, A. Méry, J-C Poully, J. Rangama, J-Y Chesnel, R. Delaunay, A. Domaracka, S. Maclot, P. Rousseau, B. A. Huber, L. Adoui
P.10 Stability of multiply-charged biomolecular clusters formed upon interaction with highly-charged ions V. Vizcaino, J-C. Poully, J-Y. Chesnel, A. Domaracka, S. Maclot, A. Méry, J. Rangama, P. Rousseau, L. Adoui, B.A. Huber
P.11 Adsorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on soot particles G. Saidani, P. Rousseau, J. Yon, B. A. Huber
P.12 Spontaneous deformation and jet emission of a critically charged micro-droplet E. Giglio, A. Radcliffe, J. Rangama
P.13 Fragmentation of doubly charged L-alanine: A comparison among theoretical methods E. Rossich, D.G. Piekarski, Y. Wang, S. Díaz-Tendero, F. Martín, M. Alcamí
P.14 Statistical or non-statistical dissociation of protonatedproline peptides after UV photoexcitation C. Skinnerup Byskov, S. Brøndsted Nielsen
P.15 Biomolecular ionization using energetic photons and keV ions T. Schlathölter
P.16 Formation of negative ions from “water group” positive ions at high collision energies: Implications for the ionosphere of Titan Ján Žabka, Miroslav Polášek, Christian Alcaraz, Véronique Vuitton
P.17 Ion-induced damage in DNA building blocks. Conformational analysis M.C. Bacchus-Montabonel
P.18 Theoretical simulations of the IR photodissociation spectra of H5+/D5+ cations A. Valdés, R. Prosmiti
P.19 Ion-induced reactivity in pyrene clusters R. Delaunay, S. Maclot, M. Gatchell, T. Chen, M. Stockett, A. Domaracka, A. Méry, J-C. Poully, V. Vizcaino, H. Cederquist, H. Zettergren, B.A. Huber, L. Adoui, P. Rousseau
P.20 The Commissioning of the Double Electrostatic Ion Ring ExpEriment - DESIREE M. Gatchell
P.21 Chemical dynamics in solutions probed using ultrashort UV, VUV and X-ray pulses M. Chergui
P.22 Fragmentation of H2O+ in ion-H2O collisions J. Suárez, L. Méndez, I. Rabadán
P.23 A collision process leading to the emission of H ions from H-containing molecular species Z. Juhász, B. Sulik, E. Lattouf, S.T.S. Kovács, J. Rangama, E. Bene, B.A. Huber, F. Frémont, A. Méry, J.-C. Poully, A. Domaracka, P. Rousseau, P. Herczku, J.-Y. Chesnel
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